Apr 18 2014

Stuck in this moment

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We’re suppose to be together
how did it come to this?
The fights were always worth it
because they ended with a kiss.

You abandoned me
and though I try
I can’t seem to leave you
I’m not ready to say goodbye.

So instead for now
I’ll be happy and just pretend
that I never cry when im alone
and it isn’t hard being your friend.

The emotions I’ve invested
unfortunately will always last
Which overwhelmingly suffocates
cause you’re suppose to be my past.

I try not to hope
or long for what cannot be,
but find myself drowning
in memories of you & me.

With your presence lingering
Im at a standstill
Unable to manage my emotions
An empty space remains unfilled.

…and I can’t find a reason
my life is changing seasons
I look ahead, my vision frayed
I see you there but you cannot stay.

It’s hard living in your shadow
since you cant see from where you stand
one day you’ll look behind you
and I wont be there to hold your hand.

I hope you understand
why I cant go on like this
watching you move on so quickly
and me thinking only of what I miss.

I can’t go forward
and we can’t go back
Im stuck in this moment
where contentment I lack.

I love you now always & forever
may good things come your way
and if you think of me for a moment
I hope those thoughts bring a smile to your face.

Just know this friendship won’t be lasting
it’s a phase that’s just passing
can’t say we didn’t try
but soon…
WeÂ’ll have to say good-bye.

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