Jun 24 2012

Sweet Dreams

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White walls around
Death in the air
Toxins flow through me
But nobody cares

Tears feel like fire
Can’t ever breathe
I’ll do anything for it back
I’ll beg, I’ll plead

My flesh starts to boil
As the posion kicks in
Blook flows out
Demons flow in

I grab on to my covers
And I hold on tight
Muscels tense up
I die tonight

Thoughts run through my head
I remember it all
Razors through my vains
My breaths become small

I scream out loud
I weep and I mourn
I yell out curses
As inside I’m torn

I stumble outside
Into the cold night
I see hi shadow
Its the posion i fight

As I walk towards him
I stubble on my knees
From my mouth
Is where I now bleed

He comes to me
He tries to help
I push him away
And he sobed wen he felt

The blood on my face
The stain on his shirt
He cries for me
My flesh now burnt

I tell him with courage
He looks in fear
I try to hurry
For my death is near

I told him it was him
It was all his fault
He screams my name
He leaps forward with a jolt

I fall to my knees
For now I’m am weak
He holds me close
And he slowly speaks

My eyes close
I feel his tears
I kiss his cheek
ANd I never see him again

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