Sep 03 2012

Sweet Summer’s Kiss

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You linger, so soft, on my lips –
the cruel taste of sweet Summer’s kiss
Enveloping desired sanity
that makes this love such craved reality

You linger like a frozen drop
Make all my heartbeats stutter. Stop
making everything of bliss
The sweet taste of your Summer’s kiss

You linger like the smell of rose;
the things that haunt and chill and close,
The rain that pours and floods like this…
The weakness of sweet Summer’s kiss

Desire hot that burns within, and
makes you writhe beneath your skin
The feel of lips that say goodbye
Linger sweet kiss! A hollow cry.

I beg to hold your beauty near
Pray lovers’ love, but cry the tears
For all these things I cannot do –
Here’s one sweet Summer’s kiss for you.

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