Sep 13 2013

Tell me Something

Published by at 3:30 am under Dark Love Poems

Tell me what I ache to hear and fill this void within
Bring unto my lonely days this awf’ly sweetened sin
Take away the emptiness and fill it all with you
Tell me something simple now and tell me something true

Tell me what I need to hear so that I might survive
Keep inside your broken heart the fact that I’m alive
Sing to me when I cannot. Sing softly in my ear
Tell me something precious that I’ve always longed to hear.

Tell me why I’m all alone whenever you’re around
Speak to me of happiness and cherish what you’ve found.
Show me what it is to love. Show me something new
Tell me all there is to know so that I might know you.

Tell me when you’ll leave again so that I might prepare
Give me something valuable, something that we could share.
Dance as if we’re all alone – yes, dance with me tonight.
Tell me something magical and tell me something right.

Tell me what I ache to hear although it isn’t true
Speak of things I’ll never have and never have with you.
Try to build my courage up, to speak to you of love
But that’s the one thing you and I have never spoken of.

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