Sep 17 2011

That Song.

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I came back.
It was a long shot dream
to runaway
to get away from these nightmares
that continue to gather around my bedside.

They scream in my ears
They know my fears
They sing that song
where i used to belong.

I continue to be petrified of that song.
how just a song can bring everything crashing around you.

Like glass.
They won’t let me pass this phase
held on to for too long
it throbs for that song.

Not a day goes by
where the past events don’t
cross my mind.
I scream
try to hold
to what i can no longer dream.

I listen to what i am told.
what words used to haunt me
have only intensified
as my illness carried on
i will soon meet my fate.
I know i am late.
that song will soon come.

I am aware that i was appointed to this place
long ago
it seems to have been forgotten
on that clueless face.

It hurts
how i know
one day
i’ll have to rip myself away.
No goodbye’s
because i know
when i’ll die.

Every day
i had to pry myself out from my grave
have a little faith
it’s hard to carry on at points
now, to this day.

But i have learnt
to have more faith.
and i will pay.
i will pay.

So yes
i’ll carry on
because i have to make sure
that they’ll be okay
cause i’ll have to pay.

but right to this day
i want you to know
that if the song went away
and i was not blessed with this state
i would have tried harder
to have kept that faith.

I guess i’m just lucky
to have called you by name.

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