Dec 27 2010

That Was Then

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my thoughts were always about you.
thoughts that never failed to make me smile.
because the joy i felt was so true.
and i thought thinking about you was worthwhile.

i used to look at the clock,
counted down the minutes ’til i see you.
i sang onto the beat of tick-tock,
until it was through.
but now, you never seem to send me on a fuss.

my dreams were always about us.
happily ever after’s and forever’s.
but now, i’m letting ‘the end’ take over.

you were always the one
that made my heart skip a beat.
but now, the pain has won.
and at my heart it’s aimed to beat.

i never imagined,
there would be a day
that i would regret everything.
to wish you away,
from my heart.

never knew being apart,
was all that it takes to break the promise of forever.
but now that everything’s shattered,

there’s no reason for me to hold on.
for you’ve already moved on.

so just as easy as to say those three words, “i love you”
i promise to put every ecstasy I still remember to the fire where in ashes it will blaze.
i’ll let days delete every memory of you,
and every love i have for you erased.

for it is through “happily never afters, “nevermore’s,”
and you, did i have my lesson learned.

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  1. BeautifulDisasteron 30 Jan 2011 at 8:16 am

    I can most definately relate.. this brought tears to my eyes.. beautiful. ;-(

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