Jul 23 2011

The Altar of Love

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O, hear me now, O spirits bold!
Forces great and powers old!
I call on thee this woeful night,
In favor for my mortal plight.

I give thee my heart, and soul, and sin,
And all the pain that lurks within.
Heal my wounds and give me the bravery,
To grieve and move past the hurt she gave me.

I sacrifice what could have been,
For favor as I face Love again.
To thee, O Lady so Divine,
Whose touch caressed yon heart of mine,

I offer here my broken soul,
Return to me what harsh love stole.
Grant me back my strength and will,
To face Lonliness’ bitter chill.

Without her kiss I cannot go on,
So beg thee for a cloak to don,
Or a drug to take,
I plead to thee for Mercy’s sake,

Give me a cure to lift this curse,
Else I’ll leave Love in a hearse,
And never again her touch I’ll feel,
Nor anything else unseen or real.

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One Response to “The Altar of Love”

  1. pixieon 28 Jul 2011 at 3:11 pm

    All of your poems are like this. It’s so fucking unfair.

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