Jan 15 2013

The Answer To Why.

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The Answer To Why
The question is Why?
when the answer was surely because your truest desire was to end it
and you knew you did end it
for her your love ended it
for her she felt no solitude in your love
her words to you were not of solitude but of love and its beckoning
your words brought her hope and happiness
and you the words she shared brought you light in the darkest of times
You fell in love with her light and her love and her innocence
truly the distance held her heart captive from you
but then the question was WHY
why did you love her why did it continue thru the years?
why did she love you so in return?
why did she ask nothing from you but your love?
why was this all you needed ?
why was this so consuming ?
or why did you walk away
from the one thing that made you Both so Happy?
Why did you punish yourselves
why did she allow it?
She gave you what you asked she always complied
she loved you just that much but then that begs another Question
Truly it was because she was meant to be with you and she knew it
years before a love was foretold to her
it was you she knew all along
when she walked amongst the rubble in streets strewn
with destruction your words brought her comfort at night
you brought her back from the darkest of days
and she led you back from the edge more then once
both beacons to each other.
It was LOVE that was WHY true PURE LOVE
and you may always question things you did after
but you will never question the love you felt for her the desire that gave way to the passionate words you wrote to her of her for her
she was and is and will forever be your muse
for she is I and I am she and we were us and we will be forever
But WHY eternity will be Why this is WHY

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