Mar 03 2014

The Boy in the Screen

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There was once a boy
Who lived in my screen.
He helped me through pain,
And he was never mean.
He made me laugh
He brought shine to my eyes
He was there during my worst
Protecting me from fear and lies.
He made me feel special
Like I was a queen.
But he is much more special
With a smile like you’ve never seen.
As I talked through my screen,
I wondered what he could see
If it was the real me
Or just who I wanted to be.
My feelings for him are strong
And still growing fast
But sometimes I wonder
How long will we last?
He’s perfect in every way,
I can see that clearly now.
And he fell in love with ME.
(honestly, I don’t know how.)
His smile alone can make my day
And his attractiveness can’t be ignored.
It’s like he’s worth a million bucks.
(something I could NEVER afford…)
I remember the day
He came out of the screen.
That was the day I was
The happiest I’ve ever been.
Just thinking, I can remember
That crazy adrenaline rush
As his lips kissed mine
And I finally felt his touch.
Feeling his body against mine,
My heart beating so fast
I just wish that that moment
For a million years, would last.
His soft, long fingers
Running through my hair
Made me feel like I could do anything,
Be anyone, go anywhere.
But oddly, the only thing I wanted
Was to lay there with him
Beside him.
But soon, sure enough,
He had to go back into the screen.
Making it seem like
Meeting him was only a dream.
Never will he forget me.
Nor I, him…
And for him, I’d do anything.
Even out on a limb.
I live for the day
When our lips touch again.
And i truly miss my part-time lover
And my full time friend.
People say I’m “obsessed”
I say they’re wrong.
I’ve just never been so…
In love for so long.
I just love the way he makes me smile.
With his stupid corny jokes
And he tells me I’m beautiful…
(How can I be, with these looks?)
He’s strange, but I like it.
Every little detail.
And (until now) I never knew
Love truly never fails.
Because every time i think of him
I always feel better.
And sometimes I wish he’d announce:
“I’m so glad I met her.”
I know he is, though,
But it makes me wonder
If I actually love him more…
But that’s no problem because honestly,
What’s not to adore?
My mom questions our love
But she could never understand.
Distance doesn’t matter, even if it did
For him, Id do all I can.
“It’s because I’m in love with him, Mom.”
is what I always told her.
She’d look at me, and then I’d say
“I want to be Mrs. Schroeder…”

Now every single night
When I start to dream,
I long for the day when again I will see
The boy who’s in my screen.

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