Jun 23 2012

The Dance

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The rhythm flows
Seems so real
Is it natural,
The way this feels?

Hand in hand,
We slowly move
To the beat of the drum
To the slow groove.

Its so magical
The way we mold
As if our bodies
Were used to the hold.

We touch, we kiss
The mere tender look
Makes me melt in your arms
I’m open, I’m hooked.

Just one look has me gone.
I’m all yours take me now.
Just one touch makes me melt
Hold me close, take me down.

We dance, we laugh
We fall in love
Somehow I know
You’re the one!

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One Response to “The Dance”

  1. Lily Romanon 23 Nov 2016 at 7:05 pm

    You should tell him this poem,
    Roses are red violets are blue
    If you have a face I’ll sit on
    You too. Written by,
    Lily Roman

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