Sep 16 2011

The Day of the Solstice

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Twisted by the power of a word

Fingers that run through the imaginary,
Outlining the contours of an invisible shape

Rivers galloping through the sky,
As I shed the torments that imprison my heart

My pores, my beats, my eyes,
Are all put on hold,
As I await to be released,
On the day of the solstice

The sun, the moon, the stars
All witnessed my encarceration.
Yet as incompetents they cannot be described
For my fate was all figured out from the begginings of time

My arms bent and tangled in snake-like knots
My torso twisted by this word

A word utterly simple and easy on the mind

Two syllables inside it’s foundations:

Now understand, my yelp is a cry to the good
And realize what you say after an encounter to be polite.

But one thing do not ever forget,
Don’t underestimate this monster,
Because of little matter is how many chains you put around my neck,
And no matter how much venom you inject into my veins,
For I, will always,

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