Nov 17 2010

The deceiver, The Liar

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Charming as can be
Completely fooled me in a heartbeat
Many red flags you showed me
I chose to ignore them, how could I have ignored your deceit!?
Maybe I felt lonely,
Maybe I needed someone and u came in handy
Never did I think you’d bring me so much misery
All the lies I caught you in… I lost count
And they kept coming, never ending
I pushed u away many times
U came back with tears in your eyes and more lies
Lying about anything and everything
How much pain I suffered at your hands
Its no surprise now, you ‘ve been unveiled
A pathological liar on the rise.
Getting as far as u can throwing a rage fit when confronted of a lie
You believe your own world of lies, will lie with the tear in tip of your eye lash…
On your knees asking for forgiveness only to practice it one more time
A mental illness… inflicting pain is your desire, to watch me cry!
U need help for your lost, and have completely lost your mind
I hate that I loved you; now I have to move on with my life.

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