Jan 21 2012

The disease

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am i supposed to lie
say i’m okay
act like i’m high
pretend nothings happened

its okay just to stand and watch
but don’t tell me how to feel
a disease i was bound to catch
a disease called depression

Go ahead, take another pill
try and make me
they wont make me happy
your the one who did this to me

you sent me into the dark
ripped me apart
just like a viscous shark
trying to hurt me

Go on, play your games
mess me around
but we will never be the same
not as we were

try to stop me, dare you
you calling me useless
well you managed to use me
and left me a mess

help, you say i need
the disease of the broken
the scars on my wrists
the hurting in my heart

It is all okay, i say
i want to be okay
i will be alright
i promise you i will.

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One Response to “The disease”

  1. aedenon 22 Jan 2012 at 12:04 am

    You are so much stronger than I think you realize.
    The person who cuts you down, and has hurt you, sounds like he doesn’t deserve the emotions you still grant him.
    You deserve better.

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