Aug 30 2011

The Foole’s Facade

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I look into her eyes,
To learn all of her.
Penetrating the physical.
Entering the mind.
Grasping, trying to find.
That fire that burns inside.

Reaching into those pools of mystery,
Trying to unlock what’s trapped behind
Oh, to only glimpse behind the walls
And grasp reality through thine yes.

To dance through memories and messages,
Of a past, long forgotten.
To understand the intoxicating sensations
That shaped the clay of who you are today.
Ah. To soar with wings together on the hopes of tomorrow.
Shall we dance the dance that dreamer dance?
Swaying in the fanciful daydream of desire?
Finding strength in one another,
Enough to feed this roaring fire?

To probe your mind, and share with you mine:
To pour my spirit into thine,
Two souls mingled, meshed, entwined!

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One Response to “The Foole’s Facade”

  1. aedenon 31 Aug 2011 at 5:19 am

    For the record. I know I have another poem that has the same name. This is one I found in an old journal from about 7 years ago that I had forgotten about. Call this part 1 I suppose…

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