Nov 02 2010

The Game

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24 months
1,000,501,200 minutes
Seven hundred and twenty days
I’ve waited
My lover, my friend my associate
The pain, love, rush
The effort given and taken to accompany and communicate.
I say hi…..
I say what’s up…..
Hours, days and months vanish in the game
I say hey…….
Silence broken
You say hi…..
I desire you
Even thou your breaking my heart and spirit
A knife goes through my hand at the sight of a full moon
When I see a the prize winning mustang
I go blind as I walk into fry’s
When I listen to music
I image the bright, breath taking light
As I drift to sleep
Te quiero con toda mi Alma
I love you with all my body
How long should I have to wait in this cartoon of my imagination,
For love?

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