Apr 28 2011

The girl that haunts my dreams

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Serene, I glanced at her celestial face;
A feeling of assurance, of solace,
Like a conspicuous star in a lonely constellation;
I’ll love you till the world’s consummation.

Flowers bloom with your sweet company;
Never before I’ve seen a girl so pretty,
Your voice brings complete serenity,
Not a maiden equals your symmetry.

Your presence fills the air with bliss;
A face that brings light even in the darkest abyss,
Accost squalling my love, for my intentions are true;
No profound word or even poetry could express my love for you.

Soon, I’d venture the world with hope;
To the unexplored, or the city of the Pope,
To find this girl that haunts me in my slumber;
And to settle, and love her forever.

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