Jul 30 2012

The girl who once was mine

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The sky is clouding over, the candle lost its flame
The water has stopped flowing, the picture with no frame
a part of me is incomplete, the times we used to share
a piece of me is missing you, it knows that you arent there

your smiles they told million words, your eyes they told much more
the girl i’ve always dreamt of, the girl that i adore
The days we spent were small and quick, the feelings grew on strong
how can it be, when it felt so right, to turn out to be wrong?

everytime you looked at me, your eyes ,they drew me in
the dimples on your smiley face, that cheeky little grin
I think about you day and night and even when i sleep
my heart is never borrowed, its here for you to keep

For now, our time is over, you’re with another man
its time for me to think of things, to make another plan
i only want to see you smile, ive got to let it show
spread your wings like a butterfly, if you come back i’ll know

So now its time for me to go, and love you from afar
i take with me our memories, to heal my gaping scar
but know one thing for certain, like morning with its dew
you changed my life for goodness, simply, clearly
I love you

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