Aug 02 2011

The Last Piece of My Heart.

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You had the last piece of my shattered heart.
You really had it from the start.
I don’t know if I had your heart, I know if I did I didn’t treat it right.
But don’t worry, your probably getting it back in one of the oncoming nights.
I can hardly see through my tears, but I’ll be fine.
Its just hard being so close to losing the best thing I could ever call mine.
I was never good enough anyway.
But at least I tried every day.
Being with you was my greatest accomplishment.
But now being with somebody so much better is showing its consequence.
Please just find some one better, be happy, and smile.
Even if I’m not the reason, seeing it would be worthwhile.
I’m starting to realize things aren’t always what they seem.
My mom points out the few times I do smile, so I guess come are few and far between.
I can’t think straight, but I can still be kind.
I just wish I had the right brush to paint a picture of whats going through my mind.
Maybe I’m not worth it to you?
I don’t know whats going on, I don’t have a clue.
I have a million things going through my head.
Each of them is a reason on why I can’t leave this tear soaked bed.
If someone asked was I lucky to have you, I would agree with that.
If someone said I was never good enough, I would say I believe in that.
I just wish I had the right words to say.
Maybe then everything would be okay.
I don’t want to end up like another boy you never see, I don’t want to be apart.
I don’t know what you think of me, but please just keep the last piece of my heart.

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