Aug 07 2012

The Maid

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You’ve got your luxury cruise ship
I’ve got my messed up car
You’ve got a fancy pool in your backyard
I wear used clothes and for fun I play with cards.

Your house is so beautiful and enormous
While I live at some dirty ass apartments
You go to exotic islands for vacation
I don’t even know the meaning of such words.

Your hobbies are wine-tasting and sky-diving
Mine are whatever I can afford
Pen and paper are just fine
Words splattered with ink
And scattered around make me smile.

Your living room is filled with strange artifacts from foreign countries
You have a personal chef on speed dial,
While some days when I can’t afford to ride the bus or gas
I just have to walk to the store for several miles.

You glance at your reflection on your artificial lake
Man! You’ve got everything
Looks, charisma, money, possibilities, sense of humor, money.

I try to glance at my reflection now
But I can’t find myself
All I see besides your perfection is a peasant-looking dude
I wish some of your luck could rub off on me
Dreaming that someday rich and powerful like you I can be.

You’ve got this maid
She cleans your house, your dogs, your clothes; she’s even close to wiping your ass.
“Wait, what was her name again” you say
You’re too busy paying attention to the color and style of your expensive tie,
Because, heaven forbid, if it didn’t match “it would be social suicide”.

Man! Rich people got it easy
You have employees working for you
Following your every order as a crucial command.
“I love your artificial lake!” says your friend
And for once I can agree on something with such an arrogant human being
It’s shallow and dirty
Reminds me of you
And remember the worn out maid?
You have to,
Actually don’t even try or bother
It wouldn’t do us justice
‘Cause that maid just happens to be my mother…

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2 Responses to “The Maid”

  1. adminon 07 Aug 2012 at 10:26 am

    Painful poem about domestic abuse

  2. Alon Dyon 21 Aug 2012 at 10:02 am

    Every one has the right to be respected…nice one. feel free to comment my poems as well. Thanks.

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