Sep 24 2010

Ever Met The One

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Have you ever met someone that makes you feel like you are invincible and you are willing to go through hell and back to keep them safe? Well I can tell you that this feeling is just the start of something truly great, but you will always have a tear in your soul if you don’t take this chance. The trip may be long and tiresome; it may also make you want to turn back but keep that feeling of being undefeatable in your heart and prevail through this.
Their voice is like a choir of angels singing a song that only you can hear. Just the presence of them in your life has made you feel like you deserve to be amongst the angels in heaven. The soft touch of their skin gives you goosebumps, makes your body hot and gives you chills all at the same time. Your eyes crave the sight of the smile that only you can get on their face. Why wouldn’t someone want to have the person that can do this to you?
Sometimes this strong of a love will have obstacles that will test your heart and determination. It may also come with a pain that only has one medication. Reach out and take your daily prescription. Hold them in your arms and don’t let go. Do not take this love for granted because life is not always fair and may take them away. Find a new way everyday to prove how much they mean to you. Even with the petrifying eyes of a deadly basilisk, you don’t even want to blink in fear of missing a second of seeing their glowing face.
Take this love and hold on for the ride but don’t squeeze to tight or it may become too fragile. Cherish every moment and never stop pouring out your heart to the person because it will not empty but eternally overflow with their love! Be true to yourself and don’t let others get in your way. Everyone deserves to be happy and to find that one special person

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