Jul 07 2011

The place where dead lovers lie.

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Picking out flesh from under myfingernails,
I show them the way.
Though the endless lengths of darkness,
Wading in tears
And slipping down a mountain shattered hope,
To point out what they were looking for.
My lifes work.
All my achievement stored right here,
Just below us,
The place where dead lovers lie.
I killed them,
With my lack of faith
And cynical views,
I dug their graves and pushed them in.
While enviously I mourned over what Id never have.
Their decaying figure enternally entwined,
In a sick and taunting embrace.
The piles ever growning,
The smell is never going,
And Im just damn over my tears that just arn’t flowing,
As I realise my heart isnt worth loving,
So I spit on their bodies and bury them all tonight.

I sit on their grave and wait for you.

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