Jan 28 2011

The story of us

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I can still recall my first time meeting you.
Freshman year, during A lunch.
Enisha introduced the two of us.
Later that year we meet by the lake, before sixth hour with our friends when the weather turned warm.
I had a crush on you.
Unfortunately, Enisha did too.
She told me you liked her, so I let you go.
Only later did I find out you had told her “no.”
Sophomore year rolled around and I moved on from you.
Met another boy and fell in love, forgetting all the feelings I previously had for you.
When we meet in junior year it was as cast members and friends.
You drove me home a few times when the weather got cold.
Your kindness I’ll never forget.
During spin the bottle at cast party we kissed for the first time.
Pity that kiss meant nothing at the time.
Junior ended and senior year began.
First semester went by with friendly wave’s at large group,
But it wasn’t until second semester that our relationship truly began.
Spring break and the humanities play.
Seemed everyone forgot the script meeting but us, so we sat for hours in that library café.
When the script was done, rehearsals ensued.
I was seeing you more than ever, and found myself under you spell again.
When the play was done I thought I’d miss you, but you sat next to me during lectures when we had large group.
You would fall asleep, your head nearly falling on me.
I’d blush and wake you up gently.
The last week of school you wrote in my year book.
We hugged good bye and I thought that’d be the end.
I am forever glad that was not the case.
The all night senior party was where it all changed.
The Red Bull, karaoke, and moon bounces we all fun,
But the highlight of my night was that you were holding me.
We left the building hand in hand.
“Does this mean we’re…umm… boyfriend and girlfriend?”
You laughed good-naturedly.
“No, not yet” was the reply, but then you kissed me.
A little peck on the forehead, and then you promised to text me.
The next week we went to liberty fest together for our first date.
From that moment on my summer revolved around days spent with you.
It was hard to keep a secret the feelings I had for you.
“Is he your boyfriend yet?” Kyla asked all summer long.
“Not yet, but I think he will be soon.”
Love Sucks opening night was on August 19th.
The same night you introduced me as your girlfriend for the first time.
Since then I’ve cherished every moment we’ve created together,
And I hope we’ll continue creating memories together forever.

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