May 08 2012

The Truth Lies Within

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Mixed feelings boil inside my soul. I don’t know which way to go. Not sure how I ended up here or why I pursued the path I did. Games are played, they go on and on… Never feel secure; your hard to depend on.
The Truth Lies Within.

How do you get there? Why must you fight? Is it worth the battle? Is it time to take flight? The line between love end hate is almost faded away, only struggle that remains, is what could be? Or what should be?
The Truth Lies Within

Acceptance is a FOOL! It takes a lot to keep your cool, you have already proved who you are and all you will be! Who cares anyway? What will be must be. Conformity is WEAK! It is the well-beaten path- too hard to take a stand for what you know is right, too hard to fight.
The Truth Always Comes To Light!

Why live in a cloud of doubt? Fear may motivate or it can cripple, one or the two. To hell with that, that does not make effort to be what they need to be!

Stay True To Yourself, The Truth Lies Beneath!

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