Jun 21 2013

This constant pain

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i can’t stop the tears flowing
i grip my stomach in pain
this feeling just keeps growing
i know i’ll never be the same

what is the point anymore
screaming to the roof
praying to rid this constant sore
praying to end my battle

scratching at my skin
choking on the lump in my throat
i wonder if this is punishment for my sin
i’m trying my best to be normal

but i seem to be pushing out
the people who love and care
i just don’t want them to see
through the lies anymore

i don’t want you to worry
i think you shouldn’t care
i’m writing to say i’m sorry
because the pain is hard to bare

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One Response to “This constant pain”

  1. pixieon 23 Jun 2013 at 9:49 am

    This comes across as exceptionally raw and unrefined, which I quite like.
    The sort of inconsistent rhyming scheme you have contributes to the messy punctuation (or lack thereof) as well as the absence of upper case letters. There is an obvious abundance of emotion within this poem – making it easier to relate to, I find, as it gives you the illusion that you’re faced with this situation yourself.
    Overall, a fantastic read in my opinion.

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