Apr 28 2014

This doesn’t hurt

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“This doesn’t hurt,” I said.
It was a lie.

It was all tumbling down.
Crashing to splinter and fire and ash
And something more simple –

Love was unfounded
(not founded in truth)
Love was a lie.
And it hurt me so many times
Until I found there were torn bits of flesh
struggling to mend skin to skin
and hearts to hearts
and hope to truth.

Until I was yearning to rebuild –
to destroy –
to undo.

Save me from the things I’ve saved myself from.
Save me from you

“This doesn’t hurt,” you say.
Why do you lie?

It’s all a disaster. I’m such a disgrace.
I’m sick and I’m twisted.
Stop leaving me stark –
naked to wind.
Open and vulnerable.
Like a small child, shattered by violence
and unhelped by cruelty.

“This doesn’t hurt,” we say.
At least it’s a lie.

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