Oct 17 2010

This has to be true

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It has to be me and you
I love you
So stop thinking and just go with the flow
Don’t contemplate what you already know

We each know how we feel
We feel with passion so it’s real
No more guessing
No more stressing

Even though we don’t know what we’re doing
We’ll figure it out
We’ll find out what this thing called love is really about
So don’t think

You’re over processing this way too much
Don’t stare at me
Talk to me
Use your words

I know you’re scared so am I
I’m confused
But I know I’ve fallen for you
I know that to be true

I don’t know what will happen next year
Or even next month
But trust that we can handle it together
We can make it through whatever

Stay with me
Don’t leave
I need you now so stay here
You’re happy and I’m happy so please have no fear

Turst that we know what we’re doing
Believe that we know what we’re pursuing
Know that I love you always
Cherish that I will love you for all of my days

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