Sep 25 2010

This is Good Bye

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It really is true.
You’re gone from me forever.
You said maybe some other time
But I know that line.
It’s been said to me time and time again.

So it is true.
Good bye is the end.
You leave me in this world to fend
For myself, on my own.
Leaving me with no one to hold.

So this is it.
No more sweet dreams and good nights.
No more kisses and play fights.
All promises broken including my heart.
Now all I wish to do is go and part.

All I’ve lived was a lie.
I believed me when you said, “I love you.”
I know why you chose me.
You wanted to see if you could break me.
You did a good job.
You were the one to rob
Me of my heart, spirit, and mind.
Why did I have to be the one to find
That you were the one to leave
Someone in the middle of a crisis.
When someone’s world comes crashing down.
All I look forward to in the day is sleep
Because then I have peace.

I know that I should get up and move on.
I know that I should leave him behind me.
But I gave my heart to him.
Just to let him through it back.

My nights are filled with crying
My days are filled with lying.
Trying to seem like my happy normal self
But there’s no hiding the pain that I feel.
No hiding the heart ache.
There’s a hole where he left
And now I am going to have to show my best
When all I want to do is die
So I no longer feel the injustice done to me.
So I no longer feel the void in my heart where he left me.

This is the end of my sad, sad poem.
And in this, I say good bye
Good bye ____ Good bye.

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3 Responses to “This is Good Bye”

  1. Misty-Dayon 26 Sep 2010 at 1:35 am

    I love this poem, it’s so wonderfully written and you can feel the sadness..
    A++ <3

    – Misty

  2. Myra Villanuevaon 07 Nov 2010 at 3:21 am

    This poem is simply amazing.

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