Feb 19 2011

This Love.

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That love that Never Ends.
That love that strikes you in surprise, that love that EVERY person wants to be in.
That love that knows no limit..
That love that has you thinking about her/him every minute.
That love that will never be understood.
That love that NEVER could.
That love that shows me the light.
That love that that you have given ALL your might.
That love will always be the same.
That love you will never be able to tame………..
This love had a beginning, but never an ending.
This love was known before we even knew each other..
It was destined that we would be lovers..
This love has heaven as the limit.
Because this love will never end, till death, do we part. Only God could end it.
This love has me thinking about her every second,
I couldnt stop thinking about her… Not even a minute..
This love is understood.
But no person would understand, no one else Could.
This love is more then a flashlight in the night, this love is my greatest light, more like the sunlight.
This love has taken all my might, but there’s way more to come.
My might will keep coming until my Life is done!
This love will always be the same.
And it’s a love that will always be, because it’s not a love that ANY person could tame…
It’s a love that not a regular couple could just obtain..
Because it’s not your love, her love, or his love..
It’s this love..

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  1. lost_in_the_worldon 26 Feb 2011 at 3:01 pm

    That’s amazing, it’s beautiful! I love it – REALLY awesome work.

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