Nov 16 2014


Published by at 11:19 am under Dark Love Poems

Do you believe in counting
If you only count to three?
The world is slowly burning down.
The world is burning me.

The flames burn deep. Beyond my skin.
As though to singe my heart.
“One,” you softly say to me,
And linger as we part.

“Two” comes even slower still.
Reluctant? Scared? Alone?
I hold my breath, and close my eyes,
The silence seeps to bone.

Do you believe in counting
if you only count to three?
The flames are burning hotter now.
And you’re still haunting me.

“Three?” I whimper. Where are you?
The fear is choking me.
“Three,” you echo, just in time,
To kill and bury me.

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