Jul 23 2012

Tick, Tock.

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One, two, three. The seconds count down as my life is wasted in these chains, when will I be free. Decisions collisions . My heads spinnin’ I can’t control my life I’m stuck in this prison, of eternity. I’ve lost my waythings got fogged up and now I can’t see. I wake up in the morning wishing I could be anyone, anything, besides me!?! Tick tock, she’s gone, she’s left. Just another girl who i can accuse of theft.

She stole my heart, my mind, my peace and sanity. Oh, my loss and yes she is the reason your honor on account of all of this I put my vote on treason. Look what she’s done,please don’t let her get away she’s guilty! I plead! I’ve lost everything, she got away, please god tell me whats wrong with me? Please stop this this pain, theres red everywhere,on the floor, my hands, my arms I wash it off but I can still see the stains! An hour, two hours six! MY life is a broken clock it’s singing ‘tick tock’ screaming help me! I need to be fixed!

My visions started to fade, memories flashing, no longer do I feel the blade. The clock spins faster, round and round. Tick, tick, tick. Tick tick! tick! tick! tick!. My hand trembles as If I just recieved an electric shock. “Tick!tick!tick!tick!!!!!tick!” My eyes go black as I grip the glock. The clock is now fixed..I point, my finger brushing the triggger, “tick-” but my life is not. “TOCK.”

This post was submitted by Josiah Goodman.

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  1. StarfireBluestoneon 23 Jul 2012 at 11:21 am

    Dark, but great emotion and well written.

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