May 19 2014

Tired and Small

Published by at 2:12 am under Betrayal Poems

If I had friends who wouldn’t leave
Friends who’re more than memories
Who help me when I’ve given up
and care enough to give a fuck.

If I had friends who stayed around
and held my hand, and stood their ground.
And found some way to care for me
Who found a way to help me breathe.

If I had friends to depend on
Who love me though I’ve done them wrong.
Forget mistakes, forgive me still
Repairing what was once my will.

If I had friends who trusted me
Although it’s rather plain to see
that I’m not worth a thing at all
I’m weak and petty. Tired and small.

If I had friends who wouldn’t leave.
Or if I had more memories.
Of times I had when I had love
Something carefree to dream of.

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