Jan 18 2013

To far gone

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all those nice things you said
are whats killing me
do you talk to her like that
and tell her you only love her
my insides are fading to black
my life is a blur
i try to end the pain
as crimson paint
flows down the drain
as the anger inside starts to grow faint
images of you and her in my head
i force the knife deeper
as i think of all the things you said
i find myself getting sleepier
and memory’s of you fade away
my world starts to melt
and i feel so much better than yesterday
this relief is better than any i have ever felt
i hear the sirens in the distance
and everyone starts to scream
and i realize this time is kinda different
i even hear someone say “this is such a bloody scene”
then i realize its you
and i know you realize i m no longer your little pawn
next thing i know i m in the emergency room
and i hear the words i crave “we cant save her were so sorry she too far gone”……..

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