Aug 31 2010

To My Dearest One

Published by at 7:22 pm under Dark Love Poems

Like a thief in the night
you invaded me
In your dark pools
I saw an intensity like none other
In you face I saw a passion that yearned to be matched
You weren’t looking for anyone
you were looking for a lover
You hold with in yourself a love that knows no bounds
A love that yearned to be accepted
And of all the more worthy ones out
there you chose me
I melted in your arms
Your enigmatic smile drew me in like nothing I had ever seen
I was warned away from you
Told that you were evil embodied
If this evil what is the point of being good
But you were evil
because like a thief in the night
you stole the one thing I hold dear
You stole my heart

By Daemon VanCanis

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  1. ceciliaon 21 Sep 2010 at 8:54 pm

    hey that is the most intresting poem i have ever read! 👿

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