Oct 12 2012

To You

Published by at 5:53 am under Dark Love Poems

Like faded ink, my life fades, too
and runs like water straight to you
and sinks its fangs inside your heart;
spreads poisoned blood from poisoned dart.

Like bleeding soldiers, I shall bleed;
stained scarlet by a sin named greed,
that steals the souls I so desire
and burns the world in crimson fire.

Like specks of sand, so shall I be,
in desert climates – dead like me.
With drying oceans filled with screams
and hopeless minds with hopeless dreams.

Like rays of moonlight, I shall shine –
this morbid, glowing life of mine
shall transform into blinding white,
that floods the world, eclipsing night.

Like broken mirrors, I shall break
and lose the pieces you won’t take,
and reflect all the pain inside:
You’ll see the things I’ve tried to hide.

Like blowing wind, I’ll blow away
like powder – dust – a sifting grey
And when the wind whips past your hair,
Just know it’s me; I’m always there.

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