Sep 16 2010

Together as One

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In my mind we’re together
We’ll stay there forever
Always together as one;
Being in love with you
Really helps me through
When we’re together as one.

Will you ever realise
With love in your eyes
That we’re together as one?
Will you ever love me?
For we’re meant to be
Always together as one.

I hope in good time
That you will be mine
For we’re together as one;
Will you love me too ~
Will I belong to you?
For we’re together as one.

For you’re locked in my memory
You’re there eternally
When we’re together as one;
With love in your eyes
I hope you’ll realise
That we’re together as one.

I just have to believe
Your love I’ll receive
‘Cause we’re together as one;
You know how I feel
How my senses reel
When we’re together as one.

I want you to know
Where ever you may go
We’re always together as one;
And come December
I want you to remember
We’ll always be together as one.

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One Response to “Together as One”

  1. bandana raion 10 Oct 2010 at 4:39 pm

    i luv de poem,,,though i feel de same feelings lyk de poet….!1 :love:

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