Dec 16 2011

Tomorrow, Yesterday, But Today

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Tomorrow is only twenty-four hours away,
And yesterday is only a memory from today.

I climb up the stairs that lead me to the first floor of a crop-field.
I breath in the warmth of a sun.

My eyes are shut tight,
But I can picture everything without cognition,

I see the horizon,
With it’s ambrosial colors,
And I see the wheat,
Sway back and forth with a chilly gust…

It’s just like somebody has painted with immaculate precision.
But there is more to the painting,
A painting which carries an accent; a message.

A shriek of help scatters over the diminutive drips of yellow…

And the atmosphere collapses within itself.

Let it rain pour,
But do not let us drown.

Vocalize a foredoomed chant in the heart of the night,
And ask for a miracle,
But you can’t ask for perfection,
From a mere mortal.

Twisted in a curl,
And positioned to decay,
We place our memories of sorrow,
Deep inside the hollow barriers of denial…

We forget and move one,
Stronger people than before,
Hypocrites of life,
That hide in corners of glass.

Elude your circumstances,
Elude yourself,


Tomorrow is always going to be twenty-four hours away,
And yesterday will forever be washed by waves of regret.
But today, will always be today…

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