Sep 24 2011

too much right now

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back stabbed
told lies
missuse of drugs
blood coming from my wrists

im turning into a monstera
and its all your fault
you left me
you just left me to fall

you twist and change your words
you confuse me
then you leave me on the doorstep
for dead

gasping for breath
puring blood
left for dead
by someone i thought loved me

your like a vampire my dear
your sucking the life outa me
your making me bleed
your killing me slowly

i dont know how much longer i can cope
how much longer i can go on
i just wanna be happy
i just wanna be free

it seems i can only be me in my dreams
so please god put me to sleep forever
cuz if i cannot be myself
i dont deserve to be on this hell on earth.

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One Response to “too much right now”

  1. Stephanieon 20 Oct 2011 at 5:01 pm

    I know how you feel \: … Me and my life I will tell you something I try to hang myself four times.. Took pills nothing works.. But me & my girlfriend has been fighting because she cheats on me with other girls.. I cry but luckly girls make me feel much better about myself than GUYS! =] :woot: :kiss:

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