Mar 30 2012

Touch a Star

Published by at 12:57 am under Dark Love Poems

Slightly sleepy, blinking eyes
Dark and mournful are the skies
Look again and see the rain
Hoping once would love remain

Stretch your arms out, touch a star
Can’t you reach it? Is it far?
Do you feel sad, without me?
It took too long for me to see

Chest feels tighter, grab your hand
Only sinking in the sand
Try to get up, begging you
Laugh at me – That’s all you do

Feel the waves of sorrow breaking
Feel the way the world is quaking
Know the pain and know the fear
Apologies are not sincere

Know my heart and what we are
Keep reaching out and touch a star
I feel my last breath flee from me
And yet still cannot be happy

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