Jan 16 2013

Tremble Softly

Published by at 3:19 am under Dark Love Poems

I feel the red blood running with a shiver down my spine
These scars on my body you’ve made, yes, but they’re MINE
I tremble in the darkness with a fear of sun and light
I try to tremble softly but the screams all pierce the night

I gave in to my weakness and now all I am is dust
I gave in to your wishes but you lied and broke my trust
I lived with no ambition and no reason, strength or will
Without a shred of passion, I am cold and lying still

I shattered like a glass case and fell upon the floor
Now all I have is nothing, and all you want is more
I tried to build an alibi and hide from your disgrace
But all I’ve ever had in me has been chained in this place

I feel your red blood running with a shiver down my spine
I clutch the cleaver closer as you tremble, say, “You’re MINE!”
I kiss your forehead gently, bleeding eyes no longer see
“Shh, baby, tremble softly. You just mustn’t anger me .”

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