Aug 08 2012

Trick Yourself

Published by at 10:35 pm under Heartbreak Poems

My heart had already been wrenched out
So I took a look at it
It beat, but feebly in my hand
Such a curiously important part of ourselves
So vital to our happiness
Yet it can cause so much pain,
So much grief

I see the cracks begin to form
Widening into chasms
And I try to fill the crevices with comforting words and lies
But the whole time pretending
You know you’re trying to trick yourself
And so you can not let yourself be fooled
Even if it would numb the agony

I watch as my heart shatters
Like helplessly watching a doomed vase begin to drop
And just the same I wasn’t there in time
To catch it before it fell
So I’m left to pick up the pieces.

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