Nov 28 2010

Can I trust ?

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untamed eyes.
secretly in your disguise
hiding away from the world
is it you, you despise?

can i trust you to never break me?
can i tell you things i wont regret,
will you let me show you what true love is?
or is that another thing i should fret.
im ready for the inevitable.

can you hear me crying out?
ignorance is always bliss.
but i have to admit.this love we have
i’ll surely miss.

they say if you love something set it free.
but what they dont understand is letting you go kills me.
is it I that must suffer this pain
when in all reality i know we were happy in the pouring rain,

heart full of gold.mind full of hate
its not suppose to be this way.
tell me you love me
i dont care if you mean it
i just need to hear it.
you cant leave me ill be lost in this critical world.

you promised me “forever”
and you said you meant “forever”
i guess this is where i should call you the liar.

my eyes are no more colder then heart is no more then shredded because of you. my veins still pump blood.
but i cant hide the pain i feel from these
awful sores.

you cant see them b.c there with in
my heart. a place where you was meant to stay. instead of keeping your deed, you just made the choice to run away.

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