Oct 11 2011

Trust n Love

Published by at 11:51 pm under Teenage Love Poems

People tell me with out trust, there is no love
Ha! I beg a differ
I’m in love right now,
I don’t trust him,
It’s not my fault, I just don’t know how
he doesn’t trust me
But believe me as bad as it might seems,
Its Not!

He’s cheated on me many times before
And each and every time he comes back,
I love him more than before.
I’ve never been unfaithful
Not once,

but he doesn’t trust ME so he treats me like dust.
I’ve never did anything, but show him that I care
That seems to get us no where,
Espically when he acts like, I’m simply not there
What I say to him is always true
Quick example, when I say
“Baby, I love you.”
He doesn’t believes me,
even though he replys
“Ha, I love you too.”

So I’ve found love
Is there trust,
sadly not
But I’m living with it,
So I guess he’s filled that spot
Where trust should lie
But there is no trust, it runs and it hides
Puts on its discuise
Spreads its wings, and flies.

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