Sep 11 2011

Understanding Now

Published by at 11:01 am under Betrayal Poems

Understanding now that your forever means tomorrow.
Understanding now that your truth is but a lie.
Understanding now that your riches come with sorrow.
Understanding now, time spent with you are days gone bye.
Understanding now that your heart was never given.
Understanding now, with you, my heart would be broken.
Understanding now that your words were just a line.
Understanding now, after you, being alone looks just fine!
Understanding now, giving you my heart was a mistake.
Understanding now that me, you would forsake.
Understanding now, for you, love was so elusive.
Understanding now, what we had was not exclusive.
Understanding now, you are as any male I’ve ever known.
Understanding now, your home was not with me alone.
Understanding now, you don’t know how to be a man.
Yes, I’m understanding now.

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