Mar 25 2011


Published by at 9:19 am under I Love You Poems

Do not be so confused
because of not replying your messages
Do not be worried, I am still there
No intention to stay away
I just wanna get cooling down
and try to ensure how deep your feeling to me
also testing my heart, how deep my love for you
In this moment reflecting is more important
Reflecting to what happened between us
For looking within ourselves
As you ever saying, Silence has power
In silence people can get something pure
We can control our temper
By thinking and behaving wisely
Well, if you wanna know about what in my deep heart
Clear and firm line written there
I wanna make you… be mine in a whole
As Me also,,,wanna be yours without requirement
Totally, not partially
Absolutely, not relatively
Surely, not doubtfully
Permanently, not temporary
Obviously, not obscurely

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