Aug 08 2011

Upon Reading Katherine

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As dusk went slyly sneaking
Night touched on far horizon
Darkness stole as velvet
To cover day worn gardens.

From some uncertain somewhere
The sound of life went winging
Borne swift upon the silence
As sleep itself came bringing
A brief and welcome haven
Surrounded in a dream
Of soft gauze veils in peach and yellow,
Peacock blue and cream.

Of kings and knights and jesters
White castles built with towers
Graceful ladies gently smiling
And misty spring time showers.

The hooded monks and gallant steeds
All therein played a part
Within great halls with damp stone walls
Sweet maidens toyed with harps.

In perfect character they all came
These serfs, lords, and musicians
Each had a face, a voice, a name,
From mummer to physician.

And when I wake, as sure I must,
This kingdom shall survive
It waits as does each yesterday,
Vibrant, and alive.

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