Dec 06 2010

Walk With Me

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Walk With Me
What started on our first day
Will stay to the last

Walk With Me
Feel the wind upon your face
No urgency now
A gentle pace

Walk With Me
Along the beach
With golden sand beneath our feet
As the sun dips into the sea
Tears well
Emotions deep
Breathtaking, unable to speak

Walk With Me
Among the trees
The rustle of leaves
The groan of limbs
As wind swirls
Squirrels scurry for protection
Loving arms hold you near
Until an unwelcome presence passes
Away from here

Walk With Me
Through valleys lush and green
Crested by majestic peaks
Covered with ice and snow
A final journey for the weak
A comfort for us below

Walk With Me
As we have
Your hand in mine
Forever through the span of time

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  1. pixieon 16 Mar 2011 at 6:57 pm

    beautifully elegant. i love it

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