Oct 20 2009

Wandering Through Life

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Wandering Through Life

Kristie Kale

she wanders through life
wanting only to feel
searching for anything
that even seems to be real

she’s aced all her classes
some say she is smart
the facts are all useless
so she learned them by heart

she doesn’t care
for the propaganda they sell
she knows with what
they’ve paved the road to hell

she stays up late
to talk to the ceiling
she prays for hope
and she hopes for healing

she hears no answer
as she falls to sleep
no promises are made
so there are none to keep

she once has found the time
to relax, let go, and dream
she knows these streets, they can be tough
or at least so it may seem

with no one left to talk to
and too much to confess
the quiet cold of winter air
brings her to reminess

she rises before the sun
to beg the moon for wine
when she drinks the whole bottle
she knows shes crossed the line

she cannot remember clearly
her memory is gone
just as brilliant stars
yield to a brighter dawn

she cannot forget her grampa
nor remember her first kiss
she strains to remember
if she’s always been like this

the days are just a blur
the ones she spent getting high
she craves the tiny papers
she just wants to fry

she once had a feeling
of where with all
somewhere between the trauma
and the post acute withdrawal

she remembers the martyrs
she used to admire
how bravely they fought
and died in the fire

some think shes suicidal
but shes glad to be alive
to shiver in the cold all night
and pray that she’ll survive

out here they call her rain
she has made herself a name
another kindred spirit
that was swallowed by Love

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  1. Jayyon 30 Jun 2010 at 7:07 am

    It\’s crazy how much this reminds me of myself… that was wonderfu.. :cry

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