Jun 09 2012

Warrior dreams

Published by at 6:37 am under Dark Love Poems

I am a red wine warrior,
With this bottle to my lips.
My words are the weapon.
My drunken lisp my gun.
I tear you apart with my love stained bullets.
Why are we here still?
Because I love the way you move,
Like a dense fog sweeping through the trees,
And you love the way I fall to my knees
Waiting for all this love can bring.
I’ve been made to believe Im the queen on your cloud
And you will always be my subdued king.
I continue to kiss you with my eyes closed
And your smell still makes me fall weak.
But my crown is wonkey,
I’ve lost my magic potion that will hurl me into a hazey sleep.
My dreams are clear now,
But I know im not down the path for your next years keep.
So what shall i be forced to do without my latern to guide me from this grave i dug.
Will I rot here or find my own cloud to float,
Be the queen of my own kingdom,
Collecting dust between my fingertips and cobwebs between my teeth.

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