Jan 14 2011

Way Of Expression

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He embrasses and kisses me with
Wants to make me of his
own, very close,
He laughs at my
kidness, Cries in lose, he loves me
The fullest, bottomless and The
everlasting one,
So he fears to lose
me someday.
He wanna marry me,
pulls me up from Dark,
He pushes
me on his chest to hear the heart
Sometimes makes me angry,
so that I can Be in a huff, he’ll make
me ok…
I embrass and kiss him silently he
never knew,
Want to make him my
very own, never realisd.
I titter at
his restless job, I love him
innocently, With no feelings,
scare of losing him as I never
desire to get,
Want him to be
honest, good man, wana pull him
up high.
I take him to my heart’s
closed door, try him realise what’s
next to it.
Wana make him happy
with my feelingless love.
But one day
he left with another girl for the
real touchable happiness.
I was
Walking for uncertain place.
stopped me, I looked back, Smiled
upon him with my satisfied Tears.

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  1. pixieon 17 Mar 2011 at 6:55 pm

    if you love something set it free, right. you are so strong
    ;-( ^_^

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