Nov 22 2011

We Don’t Belong, Divided.

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I can feel you,
With every rise and fall of your chest.

I can kiss you,
Even across the distance of a light year.

You have an unnatural power upon me.

I avoid your stare sometimes,
It’s power pummels my heart every single occasion.
The intensity abrupts the atmosphere.

You bring out a side of me,
I have never known.

A side I thought was forever lost.

But you have showed me the other side of the coin.

“Life is darkest just before sunrise”, you said to me once.

And that’s what you have become to me.

My sunrise, when my world is dark.

My compass, during times of doubt.

My water, in moments of thirst.

The ground, beneath my feet.

And my assistant, in times of need.

But even so,

I can’t predict what this world has in stock for you or me.

Things are always shifting and changing,
And the only thing I wish and hope upon,
Is that this world may never come in between us.

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